The Upside-down House

Client:  Berkely Homes
Location: Reading
Status: Detail Design
Sector: Play
Statistics: 207sqm GIA



‘The Upside down House’ is a competition winning design for a playhouse that references some of the surreal worlds that are created in children’s stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Karlson (Astrid Lindgren) and the recent Pixar film ‘UP’. This simple concept gives rise to a whole new world. The floor becomes the sky, the roof becomes the floor, enter through the chimney and slide out of the front door.

It maintains the joy of a good play/tree house – the ability to be ‘king of the castle’ and a hidden world where only children can go. Favourites like tunnels, slides, nets, and ladders are all included but with a slightly strange context that sparks the imagination and forms the
base for stories and adventures alike. Each facade has its own adventures and its own colour. They can be seen as part of one house or four houses together each with its own story.

This scheme is currently in detail design, due for construction summer 2018.