RSPCA animal centre for the future


Sector: health, education, workspace
Size: Modular form - expandable total GIA
Location: UK
Structural Engineers: Civic Engineers
Landscape: LDA
Cost Consultant: Huntley Cartwright
Animal Wellbeing Consultant: Hannah Curwood
Mechanical Engineers: Integration UK






This competition winning scheme for an animal centres for the RSPCA, to be built on a number of different sites around the UK . The scheme proposes a modular, flexible family of buildings, centred around an educational approach to animal welfare. The arrangement of materials and simple forms are designed to create a calming, pleasurable environment, reflecting the knowledge that relaxed staff and visitors lead to more relaxed animals.

When arranged on a given site according to a simple set of rules, they form an elegant, low rise hamlet of buildings, their form and arrangement providing inherent animal welfare, clear public/private separation, ease of staff use/operation, energy/water collection and an exemplar education provision with a view of the whole centre, unified with a sensitively landscaped route.