cornwall mews

Client: Private
Location: Chelsea, London
Status: Completed 2014
Photography: Jack Hobhouse



This modest fronted mews property in the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea has been re-designed by Alma-nac to provide a 200sqm naturally lit property over 4 levels. In order to provide so much additional space to the original footprint, Almanac have created a building arranged around a set of lightwells, double height spaces and structural glass floors, all linked together by a unique lightweight bespoke staircase. 

The staircase, fabricated from steel plate and solid oak, utilised the specific skill set of the fabricator, mixing fine welding with artisan carpentry in order to create a lightweight form, free from visible structural hierarchy. Each baluster forms part of the structural support, allowing each section of balustrade to be expressed as distinct from one another around the tight dog leg stair. This articulation of standalone elements strives to enhance a sense of openness, interlinked by the delicately routed the solid oak treads - each expressing their connection to the steel structure by way of a visible flush connection on their underside. With so much natural light allowed to filter through the property levels, the building acts like a form of sundial; the passing of time pronounced by the marked changes to the character of the internal spaces.