06.09.2018 We recently acted as guest editors for an edition of AD magazine, titled NEW MODES: Redefining Practice

New modes of practice are emerging in the architectural profession, challenging conventional notions of 'The Architect'. A quiet revolution is occuring. Architects from around the globe are slowly reclaiming the notion of architecture as something more pro-active, self-aware and political; a discipline that should ultimately work towards the collective good. 

We recently pulled together a series of incredibly innovative practices, practitioners and academics from around the world to explore the myriad of forms this new practice can and is taking. 

New Modes: Redefining Practice. AD Magazine. Vol 88. Guest edited by alma-nac. Due for publication 26th September 2018

Shumi Bose, Indy Johar, Alison Killing, Brian McGrath, Douglas Murphy, Leon van Schaik, finn Williams
Featured Practices:
atelier d'architecture autogeree (AAA), die Baupiloten, Carl Turner Architects, GutGut, Hector, Inteligencias Colectivas, raumlaborberlin, studioBASAR, TallerKEN, TOMA, We Made That.
 (plus many many many more by way of reference)