07/12/2017 Cities Alive: Designing for Urban Childhoods - research report published

We are very happy to have played a small part in the production of Arup's incredible research document on designing urban environments for children, and the resulting impacts for everyone else. 

By 2030, 60% of all urban dwellers will be under the age of 18.  Designing in everyday freedoms and ensuring there is a sufficient children's infrastructure in cities can be shown to have a hugely positive impact for everyone. 

Follow the link to download the book.

 The amount of time children spend playing outdoors, their ability to get around independently, and their level of contact with nature are strong indicators of how a city is performing, not just for children but for all generations of city dwellers. If cities fail to address the needs of children, they risk economic and cultural impacts as families move away. 

01/11/2017 Alma-nac wins the AJ/James Hardie House of Colour contest!

alma-nac has won the AJ/James Hardie House of Colour contest to design a colourful and innovative playhouse for children. 

Follow the link to read more about the design and the shortlisted schemes on the Architects' Journal

The Upside Down House is a playhouse that references some of the surreal worlds created in children’s stories such as Alice in Wonderland and the Pixar film Up. Its simple concept gives rise to a whole new world. The floor becomes the sky, the roof becomes the floor, enter through the chimney and slide out of the front door. It maintains the joy of a good play/tree house – the ability to be ‘king of the castle’ and a hidden world where only children can go. Favourites like tunnels, slides, nets and ladders are all included but with a slightly strange context that sparks the imagination and forms the basis for stories and adventures alike. Each façade has its own adventures and its own colour. They can be seen as part of one house or four houses together, each with its own story. While displaying some recognisable elements associated with children’s play, the house is not intended to appear out of place in its surrounding context. Instead it draws on the formal language of Green Park Village and borrows architectural motifs from that context. The distortion and reorientation of these elements brings a sense of surreal playfulness to the suburban village landscape.

As a meeting space and destination for children and adults alike, the house is intended to be sited in an open area against a domestic backdrop, emphasising its subtle eccentricities and celebrating the colourful cladding material used throughout the village.

alma-nac house of colour.jpg

24.07.2017 The London Animal Hospital is complete!

alma-nac have completed The London Animal Hospital, a bespoke health and 24hr emergency care space for the city's animal population. Ranging from the off-gassing of the building materials, through to the impact of colour and acoustics, this highly sustainable scheme is designed around the holistic well-being of the end user.  

Read more about the project here.

Visit the London Animal Hospital's website here.

06.07.2017 Study model for a new project

We're working on an exciting new project, with some interesting research into contemporary takes on traditional build techniques. Watch this space!

29.06.2017 Lambeth Road now complete

Our recent project at Lambeth Road is now complete. The slim addition to this four storey home provides just enough space to squeeze in an additional separate residence, sandwiched  within the building on the upper ground floor. Folding sliding panels separate the studio from the internal circulation of the main house, allowing it to seamlessly alternate between use as a living space for the main house and a separate residence.

Follow this link for the full project information. 

26.06.2017 Scheme for five houses

alma-nac's feasibility study and sketch design for five new houses in a newly planned rural settlement is now complete. The 160m2 houses take aesthetic cue from the emerging contemporary vernacular, creating a sense of place whilst remaining sympathetic to the surrounding buildings. 

07.06.2017 Live, Work, Showcase, Learn - A collaborative research project into affordable artist provision in the city

alma-nac have recently undertaken a speculative research project alongside Bow Arts creative learning provider, Price and Myers Engineers and Huntley Cartwright Quantity Surveyors. The project looks into the requirements and viability of introducing affordable artist studio space into unused spaces within the city. 

The research project, tailored to the undercroft of a flyover in Newham, addressed the requirement for tethering social housing to affordable artist studio space, cost effective construction methods, the avoidance of typical pitfalls seen in recent proposals of mid-large scale studio provision, architectural methods for encouraging the formation of knitted artistic communities, the access and suitability of specific grants and funding avenues, and the resulting phased construction approach. 

25.05.2017 'From Trial to Tribute'. alma-nac present their latest project to the Brockley Society on 10th June

We have been invited to present one of our latest schemes as part of the Innovation and Conservation conference held by the Brockley Society. The presentation, titled From Trial To Tribute will explore contextual, innovative design solutions to a site and the impact and influence of the planning procedure within conservation areas.  

For more information and to book a free ticket, please visit the Brockley Society website: www.brockleysociety.org.uk

Broc Soc Conf Flyer Listener.png