25.05.2017 'From Trial to Tribute'. alma-nac present their latest project to the Brockley Society on 10th June

We have been invited to present one of our latest schemes as part of the Innovation and Conservation conference held by the Brockley Society. The presentation, titled From Trial To Tribute will explore contextual, innovative design solutions to a site and the impact and influence of the planning procedure within conservation areas.  

For more information and to book a free ticket, please visit the Brockley Society website: www.brockleysociety.org.uk

Broc Soc Conf Flyer Listener.png

10.08.2017 Tender now negotiated on the Wedge House - a new home squeezed on a 20m2 plot between two terraces

With tender analysis now complete and a contractor on board, we are looking forward to starting construction on The Wedge House. Comprising of a new build home book-ending an existing Victorian terrace and a full refurbishment and extension of the neighbouring plot, this scheme will create a new home from just 20m2 of otherwise redundant land alongside a beautiful contemporary home fit for the client's family's requirements. 

08.05.2017 House in the Woods featured on ArchDaily

We are very happy to see House in the Woods, our recently completed new build house, featured on ArchDaily. To see the article, click here. For more information on the project from us , click here. To see the timelapse video of the construction process, click here

07.02.2017 Split House featured in The Daily Telegraph's article 'Designing your forever home'

"A view of the future"! The Split House featured in last Saturday's Daily Telegraph Property supplement in an article focusing on ways in which homes can be designed to accommodate the changing needs of an aging owner/resident.

In designing the Split House, we worked hard alongside an incredibly focused client to create a home that would support the owner's changing needs without negatively effecting the quality of the design or the cost of the project. 

02.01.2017 House in the Woods featured in the Sunday Times

Great to see The House in the Woods featured in the Sunday Times over the weekend. Designed, amongst other parameters, to fluctuate between the use of a single occupant to that of a bustling, three family holiday home when the owner's adult children and families come to stay. The Sunday Times coin this the 'empty nester' home. 

19.01.2017 Matt Thompson's article on the 'What Clients think of Architects' report is published in the RIBA Journal

The RIBA report - What Clients think of Architects was published late in 2016. The report, based on the findings of the near 1000 strong clients who responded to the survey, provides a fantastic insight what is and isn't seen to be working well between clients and architects, and sets a path for those interested in improving that relationship. Repeated patterns, both positive and negative have emerged and been highlighted, with the raw data providing a large amount of more situation specific insight should architects be keen to dig.

The survey, data analysis and resulting reports and articles were the work of the RIBA Client Liaison Group.  alma-nac have been proud to play a part in this group's work.

The latest article, written by Matt Thompson has been published in the January 2017 Riba Journal.