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AJ Small Projects Awards 2019
Workplace, Photography Workshop - Shortlist (pending)

AJ Retrofit Awards 2018

Housing, Paxton House - Winner

Housebuilder Awards 2018
Best Apartment, Paxton House - finalist
Best Building over 4 stories, Paxton House - commendation

New London Architecture Awards 2018
Wellbeing, The Animal Hospital - commendation
Housing, Paxton House - shortlist

The Evening Standard New Homes Award 2018
Best Apartment, Paxton House - Highly Commended

First Time Buyer Awards 2018
Project of the Year 2018, Durnsford Road -Winner

The Architect's Journal Small Projects Awards 2018
Small Project of the Year, The Inbetweeny House - Shortlist

FX Design Award 2017
Public Project of the Year, The Animal Hospital - Shortlist

The Architect's Journal Architecture Awards 2017
Health and Wellbeing Project of the Year, The Animal Hospital - Shortlist

Archiboo Web Awards 2017

The Architect's Journal
House of Colour Competition 2017 - Shortlist

The Sunday Times
British Homes Award 2016 - Shortlist

The Royal Academy
Urban Jigsaw Research Competition - Winner

Crown Estates with The Architect's Journal
Future Office Competition. 2016 - Shortlist

Urban Splash
Parkhill, Sheffield Phase II. 2016 - Shortlist

The Architects Journal
Small Project's Award 2016 - Shortlist 

Don't Move Improve, 2016 - Shortlist

Peckham Coal Line
Urban design and infrastructure Competition 2016 - Shortlist
In collaboration with LDA Design

Top 20 Global Breakthrough Practices, 2015 - Directory

ELLE Decoration
Britain's Best Architects & Interior Designers, 2015 - Directory

Lighting Design Awards
Special Projects 2015 - Shortlist

Don't Move Improve, 2014 - Shortlist

European Innovative Housing Award, 2014 - Winner

The Architects Journal
Small Project's Award 2014 -  Shortlist

Don't Move Improve, 2013 - Winner

The Sunday Times
25 Best Architects du Jour, 2013 - Directory

Arup BEL New Architects
Installation Competition 2013 - Winner
In collaboration with Ruari Glynn

SCIBE, Westminster
Research Competition, 2013 - Winner
In collaboration with Architecture 00

The Architects Journal
Small Project's Award 2012 -  Shortlist







South London Journal, Architecture Issue
Feature article - The London Animal Hospital

Design Process in Architecture, Geoffrey Makstutis

Slim House

Feature article - The London Animal Hospital

Lambeth - Creative Ways to Grow

Waterloo Works

AD - New Modes : Redefining Practice
alma-nac as guest editor


alma-nac architects convert quirky industrial building into quirky workspace with photo studio 2018 - The Photographer’s Workshop


London Animal Hospital respects the age old rivalry between cat's and dogs 2018 - The London Animal Hospital

London’s Stylish New Animal Hospital Is Man’s—and Pets’—Best Friend 2018 - The London Animal Hospital

The Architect's Journal
First Look June 2018 - Paxton House

Wallpaper* Magazine
Into the woods: a Hampshire home by Alma-nac is the perfect retreat May 2018-  House in the Woods

Housebuilder Magazine
Joseph Homes Projects May 2018- Paxton House, Durnsford Road

The Architects' Journal
The AJ Architecture Small Projects Award March 2018- The In-betweeny House

Cities Alive: Designing for Urban Childhoods
Research input 2017

Evening Standard
Good Design makes us all Feel Better, October 2017 - The Animal Hospital

The Modern Timber House in the UK, Peter Wilson
Case Study, September 2017 - House in the Woods

Grand Designs
In woodland we trust, July 2017 - House in the Woods

The Daily Telegraph, Property
Designing your forever home, Feb 2017 - Split House

The Sunday Times, Home
Out of the woods, Jan 2017 - House in the Woods

Case Study, Nov 2016 - House in the Woods

The Sunday Times
Resilient Homes, Sept 2016 - The Adaptive House

Home Building And Renovating
A Pivotal Design, Sept 2016 - The Adaptive House

Aug 2016 - Cornwall Mews

The Architects' Journal
Why build to rent could be a boon for architects, May 2016 - Cargreen Road

The AJ Specification
Case Study, April 2016 - Red Post Hill

Evening Standard
Pop goes the Future, April 2016 - Make Good Waterloo

Tiny Houses in the City, Mimi Zeiger
Case Study, March 2016 - The Slim House

Don't get a job...Make a Job, Gem Barton
Go Guerilla, March 2016 - Practice Profile

Build It
Project of the Month, February 2016 - Slim House

Brick Bulletin
Family Values, December 2015 - Brick House

Kliene Hauser, Die Besten der Besten, Bettina Hintze
Well Considered 2015 - Slim House

Case Study October 2015 - Bell House

Grand Designs
Small Project, Big Impact October 2015 - Basing Street Rooms

September 2015 - Split House

Grand Designs
Open House June 2015 - Brick House

The Architects' Journal
House Styles, Split House, August 2015 - Practice Profile

The AJ Specification
Case Study, April 2015 - Basing Street Rooms

Elle Decoration
Case Study, April 2015 - Basing Street Rooms

Air France Journal
London in 10 Reasons, February 2015 - Basing Street Rooms

Roundabout 5, August 2014 - Old Street Roundabout

June 2014 - Basing Street Rooms

Evening Standard
Seeing the Bigger Picture, July 2013- Slim House

Grand Designs
The Cost Cutting Case Study, February 2013 - Slim House

February 2013 - Slim House

Architecture Today
Case Study, September 2012 - Slim House