AD Magazine New Modes:Redefining Practice

Sector: Research
Contributors and Featured Practices:
Shumi Bose, Indy Johar, Alison Killing, Brian McGrath, Douglas Murphy, Leon van Schaik, Finn Williams, atelier d'architecture autogeree (AAA), die Baupiloten, Carl Turner Architects, GutGut, Hector, Inteligencias Colectivas, raumlaborberlin, studioBASAR, TallerKEN, TOMA, We Made That.






In 2018, alma-nac acted as guest editor for AD magazine. The resulting edition was published in September 2018, titled New Modes: Redefining Practice.

New modes of practice are emerging in the architectural profession, challenging conventional notions of 'The Architect'. A quiet revolution is occuring. Architects from around the globe are slowly reclaiming the notion of architecture as something more pro-active, self-aware and political; a discipline that should ultimately work towards the collective good. 

alma-nac brought together a series of incredibly innovative practices, practitioners and academics from around the world to explore the myriad of forms this new practice can and is taking. 

New Modes: Redefining Practice. AD Magazine. Vol 88. Guest edited by alma-nac. Published September 2018

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